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Meet Amber

She’s the co-founder of Beanie, a coffee shop with three locations in New York.

The business is doing well, but she’d like to identify the factors that contribute to Beanie’s success and, ultimately, make data-informed decisions.

She is drowning in spreadsheets.

Connect and combine your data effortlessly

Any data

Connect to wide variety of different data sources or upload spreadsheets.

Connected insights

Your data is more powerful when it is connected. Cognos Analytics will help you auto-join multiple sources into a single trusted data module. The bigger the module, the deeper the insights.

Visualize your business performance, beautifully

Find meaning in your data

Understand your data with compelling, informative and interactive visualizations.

Beautiful. Simply.

Cognos Analytics Dashboards are beautiful. Take advantage of an extensive selection of visualizations, including embedded geospatial mapping and advanced analytics.

Communicate in plain language

The AI Assistant communicates in plain English. Ask questions about your data and receive recommended visualizations, insights and more in a format you can understand.

Built for ease of use

The system will automatically recommend the best visualizations based on the data you selected. You can also select your own from the library of different visualizations.

These Dashboards
are alive

Take a deeper look

Investigate your data using Drill Down, Drill Ups and Drill Throughs.


As you drill down, the whole Dashboard updates to match the slice of data you’re investigating.

Cognos Analytics makes teamwork simple

Share your work via email or slack

Generate reports in a wide variety of export formats

Keep stakeholders up to date with scheduled delivery

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Meet Sandeep

Sandeep is the co-owner of Beanie.

He wears many hats: data analyst, sales,
marketing and accounting.

Product performance is top of mind for him,
so he’s looking to understand how various
products sell in various stores.

Find hidden truths
in your data

Unearth hidden relationships

Use Explore to find connections you didn’t even know to look for.

Quick insights

Each visualization in Explore comes with AI-generated insights presented in plain language.
Amber and Sandeep meet

They decide to run a new promotion:

They pair up a Brasileiro double shot with a ginger scone and launch it in the store on 9th Avenue.

To track this promotion, Sandeep and Amber set up a dashboard.
A week passes

The pivot worked